Shabbat Candles small
Shabbat Candles small

Shabbat Candles small

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Our set of Two 50g Eco Bowl Shabbat Candles are made from environmentally friendly, sustainably sourced gypsum crystal. These crystals are ground into a fine powder before being mixed, hand poured, and perfectly moulded.

These heat-resistant bowls are then gently filled with a 100 percent soy wax & a high fragrance percentage to extend the distance of our expertly blended scent selection.

This candle is designed to make your home smell amazing while elevating your decor.

Made of 100 percent natural soy wax & wood wicks, these candles are free of toxin-emitting chemicals & burn cleanly without soot for up to 13 hours.

Inspired by an earth loving Eco - conscious lifestyle, our candles are individually hand wrapped and decorated with biodegradable trimmings which make them great for gifting greener and everyday burning in the home.



** inquire via for refills

*** colour, may differ slightly due to raw materials