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Ceramic Candles

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Teakwood Candles

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Bath & Body

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“Life is too short not to live in a Spa.”

This is a common thought when designing our
products, we approach conceptualization with this kind of ethos because we want
the spaces they fill to emulate a peaceful sanctuary. Our products have a
tranquil tonalism that ties everything together to enhance natural ethereal qualities.

New Arrivals

Locally Made

Our Bonnita Lifestyle collection is crafted with a great deal of care and attention to detail. The combination of traditional pottery techniques, wood turning methods, and molding craftsmanship is our commitment to preserving and celebrating traditional artisanal skills.

Hand-filling each product into individually perfected vessels emphasize the bespoke nature of our collection.

Making use of local artisanal skills adds a unique touch, contributing to the authenticity and community involvement in our production process. This appeals to those who value ethically sourced and locally crafted products.

100% Plant Based

Our commitment to organic ingredients and naturalness is a key focus in the creation of our products. We prioritize natural well being and appreciate the emphasis on avoiding synthetic or harmful ingredients.

Using organic ingredients is our dedication to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Individually Perfected

We look for objects of interest like
texture and shape in just the right measure to enable the delivery of our products
and contribution to the overall feeling of a spa-like oasis.

Honest & Real

Bonnita Lifestyle products are vegan / cruelty free, produced naturally & do not contain harmful chemicals.