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Welcome to Bonnita Lifestyle

Where we share our handmade, natural and high-quality products with you. Discover the joys of a beautifully soothing and serene home environment that elevates your lifestyle.

New Arrivals

Locally Made

Our Ceramic and Wooden Bowl collection is made by hand using traditional pottery techniques and wood turning methods. Every Bonnita Lifestyle candle is then hand poured into it’s own individually perfected bowl, made by local artisans.

100% Plant Based

Our premium line of bath products are made by hand using only the finest extra virgin; cold pressed oils & natural ingredients for an extensive skincare experience.

Individually Hand Wrapped

Inspired by an earth loving eco - conscious lifestyle, our products are individually hand wrapped and decorated with biodegradable trimming.

Honest & Real

Bonnita Lifestyle products are vegan / cruelty free, produced naturally & do not contain harmful chemicals.